Lynx & Kemo – Deez Breaks (feat. Henree) Lyrics

Everybody talkin’ bout us, these days,
But what you really know about deez breakz?
And everybody MCs or DJs,
But what you really know about deez breakz?

Let’s take it back to the Old School,
To the raves in the fields,
Where Hardcore went Jungle.
Moving shadows were on cloud nine,
With renegade snares… (and rogue basslines)
Uplifting music in rhythmical order,
Uplifting fluid and spiritual aura,
Spread the craze through long dark tunnels,
Over motor ways and every border.

This is inner city life,
It’s a Drum & Bass lifestyle,
Others know our faces by know.
Brown paper bags go round in circles,
In town, hit the speed club, pound and work it.
There’s a brand new funk that’ll pop out the trunk,
What you want is on that pirate station.
On the horizon, phenomenal blessings,
In shape of new forms and logical progression.

Now it’s getting kinda scary, dreams of getting buried,
No u-turn, I’m controlled by the military.
And all are called out by the piper,
At nighttime; snipers, warheads and skylines.
No stopping us as we shadowbox
In the metropolis, yo, we’re dodging cops.
Rings around Saturn, they all burn slow
Now everybody’s raven through the wormhole.

I guess it’s bout time to lighten up,
And it’s ok to go pop if you don’t sell out.
What we really want to do is just shake your body,
At a rave or party have the dames get naughty.
In the midnight hour get wicked,
Flow with liquid tunes and with liquid riddims,
I love the way that you make me feel,
With that real student friendly DnB, still.

I know it’s kinda different but it’s still the same,
As we mix with CDs and meet in AIM,
It’s a global thing now, yo it ain’t just London,
With these niches here we’re divided not conquered.
Rockers, rude-boys, some scientifical,
Ravers, nerdheads – all in all mystical.
I wanted to teach, but I will stay a student,
And I’m proud to be part of such an amazing movement.

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Artists: , ,
Genre: Drum and Bass
Release info:
Label: Soul:r
Date: 2009-06-01
Catalog: SOULR041
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Lynx & Kemo – Deez Breaks (feat. Henree)

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