‘Nu:Tone’ Lyrics

Nu:Tone – Tides (feat. Lea Lea)

Oh, give it back to me Give it back to me Please return my mind I sleep restlessly This isn’t what love defined (X2) Bridges and lights Ripples in tides A constant reminder of the divide Give me back my mind And days turn to nights It’s unknown, what’s in sight While you delight in […]

Kwabs – Walk (Nu:Tone Remix)

Hundred headlights, making me blind All of your pleasures catching my eye If I jump once then I never think twice But your temptations making me stay another night And my sense only lie to me, lie to me I don’t know how I feel so raw to me, raw to me I gotta shut […]

Axwell & Sick Individuals ft. Taylr Renee – I Am (Nu:Tone Remix)

On your feet my friend Run, they’re closing in I am the one who’s sent to save you I can help replenish what they’ve taken from you Follow me for protection (for protection) Keeping you safe from destruction I am the one who’s sent to save you I can help replenish what they’ve taken from […]

Nu:Tone – Can We? (ft. London Elektricity)

Is something special inside your heart? A secret, a dream, a wish or maybe a part… Of some greater scheme we don’t understand Can we celebrate love? What is the reason for being here? To give birth, to fly high, to grow old and disappear To another time and place nobody knows Can we celebrate […]

Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – System

I can’t hardly breathe at the thought of you Just your presence gets me so confused It must be that you are more than you think to me Yet I have to act like I’m okay, I’m not okay It goes much deeper than your day-to-day crush from back in your school days It goes […]

Nu:Tone – The Feeling (ft. Ben Westbeech)

Why is it so hard to believe? Memories of you, I just try to relieve I find some form of release Is it also wise to generate some peace? I find it so hard to let go To a place and time when it was all for sure All I needed was some time When […]

Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)

Spread love, oh Spread love Spread love, oh Spread love People round the world lend me your ear I come to you with words of joy and cheer Love’s a message that I bring to you And there’s no reason to be mean and blue Spread love Spread love all over the land Spread love […]

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