Lynx & Kemo - Carnivale

The future’s a mirage
This life’s a carnivale
When the Animals run
Hide in Camouflage

What lies in Taro cards?
Chased by Cloaked men
We live in Babylon, huh?
We’ve lost our Temperance

All photos: Sepia
All food tastes Umami (savory)
We drown in Firegold, yo (clockworkorange: booze)
Our children Bezoomy (clockworkorange: crazy)

To the dumb: “Ephphatha” (biblical: Jesus says to a dumb (non-speaking) person, so she can speak)
Know your Rabonai (biblical:master)
A king of kings….Emperor Selassie

Praise the Messiah
Faith is Dorogay (clockworkorange: very important)
Strong as Destrier (biblical:warhorse)
But the name is Malakai

These times are Sinister
Its time for a Collocol (clockworkorange: call for something)
A fake Minister
Runs to bed with Jezebel

A rogue Scallywag
That pulls Shenanigan (tricks)
We need the Vellocet (clockworkorange: amphetamines)
Some just need Nepathean (antidote)

But man is Transient (short-lived)
Even Illuminati
Shine the Pyramid sun
Under the Gemini

And ask the Haruspex (man who does fortune-telling from entrails of sacrificed animals)
Truth in Telepathy
Some say its Balderdash (nonsense)
Some call it malarky (foolish talk)

But find the Pollyklef (clockworkorange: skeleton key)
Behind the Cataract (latin: waterfall)
Dance in Petrichor (smell of fresh rain)
Run and use the Battle-ax

To fight the Jackalope (cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope)
And battle Dolorus (misery)
Win the Donnybrook (brawl)
Come, escape the Wilderness

Beware of Sabotage
A world of Jabbernowl (blockheads)
Burn down Gomorrah
And all is all.

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Lynx & Kemo – Carnivale
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