Airstrike & Blak - Altitude Lyrics

Don’t want to be no ‘Stepping Stone’
This sends those chills right to my bone
I aint no thing to figure out
Stop treating me like I’m a stranger in your house
Love me just the way I am or leave me alone
Love me just the way I am or won’t you come home

Let’s take it from here, so we can make it better baby
There aint no need for this,
Let’s take it from here,
I hate do this all alone,
All alone
Let’s take it from here, and move all of these mountains in our way
Let us take from here,
Before it all fades away

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Airstrike & Blak – Altitude
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Track Full Info

Genre: Atmospheric, Drum and Bass
First time released:
Label: Offworld Recordings
Date: 2014-07-21
Catalog: OFFWORLD036
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