London Elektricity - Main Ingredient

Going round and round in circles
Was gonna get a little high
I’m gonna smoke me down the river
I’m gonna hang me out to dry
Gonna try to turn the tables
Turn night into day
I’m gonna wake until I’m sleeping
You better turn your head away

Will never in the morning there’s a sync into the sense
Loose my inner visions to my time above my hands
Turn “the G’s” until I’m screaming
Until I beg with you for more
Don’t stop until I’m dreaming
Then gently close the door

If you wake me in the morning
Wake up me with love
When it’s over hill with rain from the heaven’s up above
When you leave me up the mountain
When you leave me off the track
When you hold me to a billion
They’ll never bring me back

I gave you all of my experience
I can predict the end result of my love
Before it’s even there is simply real live
Somebody tell me why there is severalty

I caught you looking for the list of my ingredients
So you waited for your change
And now you’re searching on my silver
Checking to find to top of range

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Track Full Info

Genre: Drum and Bass
Release info:
Label: Hospital Records
Date: 2001-02-20
Catalog: NHS107
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London Elektricity – Main Ingredient

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