Foreign Concept – Affliction (feat. Riya) (Alternative Mix) Lyrics

I’ve been trying so hard, to make you see
If there is one thing you need, it’s me
And the one thing that I fear, is when you realise
I am not the girl, that you want by your side.

How am I meant to feel?
When your soul confused
Call between ?? myself want to knew

How am I meant to know?
If you dont know yourself
If is me wondering?? something else

And I can’t be your go-between…
This time it has to be, all or nothing.
And I can’t be your fantasy…
This time it has to be, reality.

You, you..

And the one thing, that I fear, is when you realise…
I am not the girl, that you want, by, your, side.
How am I meant to feel?

ForeignConcept about this track:

I’m giving away 8 previously unreleased tracks in return for a donation to the charity Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontieres in order to aid them with the work they are currently doing amongst the travesties that are currently occurring in Aleppo and across the rest of Syria. 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity.

My friend in Bristol managed to escape Syria last year (part of his journey involved swimming across the English Channel in the middle of the night) so the situation over there is something I’ve followed closely.

Doctors Without Borders support eight hospitals in the city of Aleppo. They also run six medical facilities across northern Syria and support more than 150 health centres and hospitals across the country, many of them in besieged areas.

You can get the tracks from this link here
I’ve set the minimum donation for 8 tracks as 4 pounds but please give what you can.

Thanks to Mikal, Stray, Hyroglifics and Riya for their involvement in these tracks.

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Foreign Concept – Affliction (feat. Riya) (Alternative Mix)

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