‘Riya’ Lyrics

Riya – Hurt Heals (feat Alibi)

If it hurts it heals Time to let go other one me to remember What I made it mean Still I’m greatful ’cause it’s made me stronger And I’m not scared to say goodbye To the phase I’ve said we’d feel alone See every soul we must damned And I see that solid world Ohh… […]

Sabre & Riya – Injustice

Closer than I want to be… To a glimmer of what could have been.. Make a choice to stay or run… There’s no way to change what has become… Silent, still, unknown to me… Watch and wait to see if she breathes… Many things are still unknown… How could this be, this world is so […]

Foreign Concept feat. Riya – Affliction

I’ve been trying so hard, to make you see If there is one thing you need, it’s me And the one thing that I fear, is when you realise I am not the girl, that you want by your side. How am I meant to feel How am I meant to feel I’ve been trying […]

Zero T feat. Riya – Stolen Moments

Never felt this feeling of longing, for someone I don’t know Never felt this feeling of wanting, for a stranger I’ve been waiting for you… I’ve been waiting for you, for you, I’d wait for you I’d wait for you I’ve been waiting for you, for you, I’d wait for you I’ve been waiting for […]

Hybrid Minds – Kismet (ft. Riya)

You came I guess you could say out of the blue And still I smile Because I am surprised How something so beautiful Could arrive in my life For all the times I stood in doubt Trying to understand what life’s about You’re proof And though I felt a love before The word means so […]

Hybrid Minds ft. Riya – So Far

We’ve come so far Still so far to go Moving too fast Moving alone At every turn I see more trapped souls In search of love To feel at home We got so far to go (so far to go) So far to go (so far to go) So far to go (so far to […]

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