Euphorics feat. Lost Poet – No Justice Lyrics

Sick of my range, like the cordless yall tickle my pain, while i rack my brain in my office. the genius is insane, walking in vain amoungst the pompous. leave her unconscious, doubled over from entendres. throwing flames, straight aimed at the monsters spitting that zane, pussies never been tamed- they throbbing. sampled collages, you see where the mirage is, i teleport to wear the hajj is breathing thru toxins. reading the textbooks of the prophets making my own pathways while yall praise the objects. shooting my number like the comet hoping I switch the topic. spitting that crop circle, gin & tonic. The herb purple I stay in the temple, massage it. while the brainwaves make molecules do the moshpit. I still got the same fam on that

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Genre: Drum and Bass
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Added by: Joao Pinto DNB

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