Rawhill Crew feat.Spyda, Navigator - Who do you think you are? Lyrics


Who do you think you are?
thru you a drive up inna de city inna big fancy car
you think you a supastar
well me know say from dem deh man me haffe stay far
Who do you think you are?
you inna expensive suit & you a burn big cigar
you think you a supastar
a man a him a gwaan like him a dappa but him naa go reach far

Hey bwoy, well look you no fe tek man simple
you insignificant just like a spot or a pimple
perplex me tranquil, me forehead a wrinkle
Blak Taran mek dem haffe face de rusty double barrel
Dem never see me when me come round de bend
dem only feel when a cool breeze a pass dem
the frienemy a come him a pretend to be friend
A worries & trouble & problem when me buck dem up again

Hook x1

Well, me tell dem look you know, me naa joke you know
from dem see me face, me start fe get serious
Want fe know me name, alonga wid me alias
me put down me 4, me put down me 9
punk decide fe run & feel say him coulda hide
me bust de mack11 & it light up de sky
punk think dat me gone, but me have him inna me sight
& you know me naa miss if a day or, well if day or (night)

When me come wid de big long ting
Punk inna me way, him haffe feel de discipline
Then again, When me come wid de chopper
go fe you piece weh sound decent & proper
Now dem vex fe see we face
ca we disrupt de place
but a who start de war
& a what it start for
nobody want fe admit
dat a dem start it
so we bust a anti tank
& lick de target
Tings come up to bump, we haffe back out de Pump-
Action… bring back bad reaction
When de smoke clear, a me & Blak Taran
inna full panoramic & a militant stance
Face straight like a Judge, ARROGANT, IGNORANT..
dem know say dem can’t test de Rawhill Camp
punk try a ting, dem style get cramp

Dem no want fe get inna me way, for if dem get me vex dem naa go see another day
now de tables turn, dem see Blak Tarantulla still standing firm
Somebody call de police
helicopter inna de sky
silencer pon me nozzle
mek sure me face hide
first me tek out de camera
then me tek out dat light
well who dem want search for
& who dem want find
Badman represent from a Rawhill camp
if dem ever test now we put dem inna cramp
see me big mach11 light up de sky
who dem want fe test man wid 4&9
remember say we come from up a where
Rawhill Camp me say each & every day
slaving pon ridim we fe ride anywhere
East, West, North, South, tell dem again

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