PFM - The Western Lyrics

Verse 1

Get in line in your mind, get ready to rip it up
We gonna kick it up better be sitting up
Pay attention you’re next on the agenda
We’re gonna send ya on a brain bender
Get in line, get your views in order, we gonna sorta make them run like water
To co connect like oceans together
We endeavour where others said never damn!! Ain’t that clever?
Cos PFM is here to progress
On a mission that stands way above all the rest
Yes man!! Set it off with a loud bang
Rock on the set with the mic in my hand
With a dope dope powerful bass bass boom
We got a dope like a big bass bassoon
And when we bust a new style style
You will go wild wild. You can reminisce… And put it into you style pile
We kick it off with nuff nuff clout, PFM set it off cos I got the mouth
When I rock on the set with a p for perfection
The set was ours at my last recollection
So we choose to cruise not get too hectic
Go too slow the set might just get septic
And you party people might not accept it
So smooth and mellow that’s how we kept it

Fill 1

And as we move on the scene it get respected.
We got you moving with the right directive
Inside your mind it gets injected
We got sounds assured for those who are selective.

Verse 2

I tell you action stations people get ready,
Twist ya like spaghetti, boo ya like betty.
Foundations we laid down so many,
You wake from you deep sleep to feel a new penny
Drop into action. You was relaxing…?
Extreme !! Now you’re doing the max and ooh! It’s inside ya keeping you hyper
Shoot you out of your cloud like a mystic sniper
Now all those non-believers we’ll flatten
With future patterns due to split the atoms
Vibes causing symphonic spasms; and baby’s having secret orgasms
It’s a wild world that we live in
You step to the vibe like a new found religion
Take your position, compile your vision futurism, algorithm has risen up!

Fill 2

As we make your mind corrupt
And I can feel this mystic vibe come creeping, creeping, creeping up
We bring the beats that bang and beats make your mind explode
Sounds to set your mind in mode
PFM gonna flick the switch and switch to overload
So as we drift away, away we drift
And I know now you can see clearly through the mystic

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