Kasra & Enei - Overthinking (feat. DRS) Lyrics

Awkward demeanor, overthinking bleached dreamer
Forget these actors I ain’t heard ’em on the beats either
I’m a catalyst, I’ll get you out of your seat eager
Prone to accidents, my mic evolved to meat cleaver

My people party, mite involved a 3 weeker
We push each other to go sicker and blow reefer
Cadet of the space age and a old geezer
Can’t take the pressure of this altitude nose bleeder

Every single day’s a blessing, but I’m a known seeker
Pupils in the back of my eye sockets over blown peeker
Never the bless it’s the ruthless that are most eager
Level your mess in like two shakes of your dome leaver

Devils are stressed when my crew gets on a rouge leader
Fed on scraps from their bootstraps and it’s so meager
You’re listening to the truth even if you don’t see the
I turn these atheists one by one into believers

Ok, let me start this off sickly
Put gaffer tape on your lips and rip it off quickly
Dab them with vinegar, make sure it’s applied thickly
Strap your eyes open and make you just watch strictly

They say there’s many fish in the sea and the lake’s rippling
Born with a chip on my shoulder, the weight’s crippling
Lecterite cannibal looking a next victim
Test flight manual stuck in a next system

You’ll never get the point of the story you don’t listen
What’s wrong you don’t talk lately, you’re so distant
MC’s don’t like me, I’m frightening and consistent
If anybody’s asking just tell ’em I’ve gone fishing

It isn’t worth nothing if it’s something that’s worth risking
I see through the smiles and the camouflage shapeshifting
What ever way you want to look at it, we’re so different
Now feel your hair standing on end and your face twisting

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Track Full Info

Artists: , ,
Genre: Drum and Bass
Release info:
Label: Critical Music
Date: 2015-06-14
Catalog: CRIT082
Added by: Aleks

Kasra & Enei – Overthinking (feat. DRS)

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