Conquering Lion – Lion of Judah

So-so-so hear dis Request to all ya little acid people dem Somewhere, Deep in the Jungle are living some little men and women Hands up, hands up Identify yourself So hear dis so me set it sound boy can’t tek it, set it so me set it sound boy can’t tek it, set it so […]

Conquering Lion – Banana Boat

we nah pet soundboy man, we step pon dem like cockroach. We kill dibby dibby soundboy ya dun (hey hey hey hey) know say interntaional (murderer?), die hard some man, with no (skin teeth?) fi fling down selection… come down! There’s one thing I’d like to say to you these words are true, yeah Me […]

Congo Natty featuring Tenor Fly – Alaska Ride

Yeah some boy a sleep and snore, this is hardcore, yeah place a go bore junglist massive yeah yeah you know say hardcore tings all the while ye ye yeah cool profile yeah a bwoy tink we laugh and smile? Yeah wha we look and say now rudeboy? But its not a michael jackson bumbaclart […]

Congo Natty feat. Bounty Hunter – Haile Sellasie I

BH = Bounty Hunter DOC = Documentary reporter X1 = Unknown person 1 (Ras Marcus?) X2 = Unknown person 2 X1: And before we go further, the word Haile Selassie is an Amharic word, which means Power, of the Holy Trinity DOC: In Ethiopian life, the Imperial ruler is likened in (splendours) of the Sun.. […]

Congo Natty – Stevie Hyper D Tribute

I’m gonna get you outta your seat, listen to the words that i speak. This one nice and this one sweet, I’m gonna make you move your feet. This one’s.. gonna make you freak, when it comes to lyrics, me have a whole heap. Do not have a evil streak, that’s one thing the devil […]

Congo Natty – Herbsman 2

unknown person 1 You have some likkle soundbwoy [true] inna dem yard Dem feel say can play, any a anything fi de people, dem True, a yaso dem live live, and a yaso dem born and yaso dem grow (yaso = here ya so ?) Dat nah work tonight! All ganja man inna de house […]

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