Anile feat. DRS – Constant Reminder

‘Cause every time I hear your voice or see your face, I fall apart And everywhere I go, I’m breaking into pieces of your heart Everything’s reminding me of us ‘Cause everything’s reminding me of us I see you dashing my clothes and now my toothbrush Got me feeling exposed and that is too much […]

Dexcell, Charlotte Haining – Closer

I wanna touch you but I’m scared to try What I feel might be a lie I want to feel your body over mine Hear our hearts beating in time How long till we go too far I can’t take this tension anymore Should we over step the mark Come and show me what’s in […]

Logistics, Thomas Oliver – Broken Light

Feels like the first time Feels like the only time For the first time in my life I feel no pain It’s not even a memory My heart don’t hurt I feel like I could drift away I feel no pain (clouds gather peacefully) I feel no pain (to hear the sun as it sings […]

Riya, Collette Warren, L-Side – All for Something

Was it all for nothing? All that I have done, tell me what’s the point of it all? Well it could be something, you’ve got nothing to lose, anything could be possible. All for something, all for something. It’s not all for nothing, all for nothing. All for something, all for something. It’s not all […]

Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night & Dynamite MC – Get Busy VIP

(as heard on Metalheadz podcast #36) I know you weren’t expecting this Fracture Dawn Day Night Dynamite You’d already make some get busy But this’ll make you get busier You ready? All you gotta do is Get busy I make’em run around like headless chickens (get it, lose it) You want a CD, yeah, ??? […]

Bensley – Secrets (feat. Sarah Carmosino) (Flite Remix)

You you left me here in the dark after all these years. But I dried my tears and said goodbye to all our fears. Eternal noise in my head what I regret and who’s in my bed. But we’ve all got secrets. But we’ve all got secrets. Oh they’ll never know what we did to […]

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