Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night & Dynamite MC – Get Busy VIP Lyrics

(as heard on Metalheadz podcast #36)

I know you weren’t expecting this
Dawn Day Night
You’d already make some get busy
But this’ll make you get busier
You ready?
All you gotta do is
Get busy

I make’em run around like headless chickens (get it, lose it)
You want a CD, yeah, ??? coz I’ll prove it
I make’em go to daddy
I make’em lose your mind
Lose your phone, lose your keys as if you everytime
Two plus two equals four
They don’t know anymore
??? you have seen it before
This is for maniacs, body insaniacs
Crowd surfers get chucked but they are breaking backs
I never stop when I’m pushin’
Don’t do hold back when I’m liftin’
No ??? when I’m rushin’
I bring that heat to the kitchen
I make’em stampede
Buffalo stance
Buffalo dance
Buffalo soldier
Yeah ??? it up when I clap it up until that is over
Yes I devastate and I detonate until that shit smoulders
Now you know why, now you know who
Heavy session, lemme tell you what you gonna do

I make ’em
Dumber than dumber-er dumber
Hotter than Indian summer
I bring that land in Atlanta
You know that’s nothing to wonder
??? beat by Fracture so call your chiropractor
You killed a stuntman, stunt double and an actor
I feel like breaking bottles
I feel like smashing heads
No time for conversation
No time for breaking bread
This beat needs help, ambulance, surgery
Bolt up, super ugly, scout boy, emergency
No tit-for-tat when I’m back to attack, now feel the impact
You wanna run with that, come on and run with that and see how you react
Yeah get busy
Girl it really suits you
Yeah get dumb
Like me in sudoku
I’m in the mood to get bar
And up on the wanted list
And I’m taking you right with me
Don’t run, you wanted this
Yeah get ready
Here we go
Put a pen
Let it blow

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Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night & Dynamite MC – Get Busy VIP

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