DRS - Bun Ya (feat. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimpo, Konny Kon & T Man) Lyrics

Bun ya ?????,
Swingin’ on the weather lines, ????? Spiderman.
????? on a rampage, more than 5 of them,
Livin’ at the speed of light, smash like ?????
????? Soundboy, still can’t find a vent,
Keepin’ to our battle plans, regimented ill intent.
Can’t keep a secret; leak material, no suspense.
Grass is looking greener on both side the fence.
Big behind the keyboard. Real life, where’s your friends?
????? out your timeline, right time makin’ trend,
E&J, strawberry punch, pint glass; make it blend.

My team’s sick, we’ll get you rhythms on the mend,
Take it for a night out, loony bin ’round the bend.
Past the point of no return. Next stop, takin’ them,
????? Daniels, I bet ya got a ?????

Bun ya system. We don’t listen to chit or no chatter.
We do it different, that’s the fact of the matter.
Our man is back on the map along with the man from ?????
My slang’s bangin’ my creational; correct in my grammar.
Your sound’s basic and abrasive. You say racist when I say shit.
That point of you is dated; I ain’t been entertainin’ it lately.
You wanna stop my say shit, make me.
I speak the truth and some can’t take it.
I make the mus’ that man won’t make,
‘Cuz I refuse de my music

Bun ya you and the horse you rode over in.
Burn ’em till they turn it or dissaper
Good lad. Stick a flag ????? in my memory,
And burn an effigy that resembles my archenemy.

I’m onstage with a face like a bag of spanners,
Burning green and it tastes like wagamamas
Born up a heathen, got your paint peelin’,
????? I got more sides than a dodecahedron

Own dem like chalice, ????? no malice.
‘Cuz me no need glasses, ?????
Like some teacher with their classes.
But now we teach a man in da school a hard knock.
????? lesson when we bless dem; they head will get hard.

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Artists: ,
Genre: Drum and Bass
Release info:
Label: Soul:R
Date: 2012-08-27
Catalog: SOULR 057
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heavy dnb tune!

DRS – Bun Ya (feat. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimpo, Konny Kon & T Man)

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