Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break

Barrier Break [Yeah][Wha?]
Barrier Break [Yeah][Uh?]
Barrier Break [Wha?][Wha?]
Barrier Break [Yeah][Wha?] (echo)

Barrier Break a lost soul a loaded weapon
These empty shells they rain hell the dark beckons
My minds vision is a time bomb tickin’
It’s my life long mission, when the mic’s on rip it!

I’m only human and under the gun I’m buck-wild
This definition of living is fucking hostile
Cock the heat back
No time to sleep black
Ring your alarm when I drive by your speak stack

The venue crumbles around us, you know my trigger pulled it
We in the trenches and all of my soldiers sweatin’ bullets.
Ghetto technology mixed with pain and poverty
I’m from where the bottom be, raising the bar, follow me!

Fire the technique break barrier sound
The rhythm serves Molotov cocktails swallow down.
Children of the next millennium – strapped mentally strong,
Come on into the new dawn.

I pull the trigger(?) when I pierce through the minds’ Teflon.
Come on into the new dawn.
Reap and bleed the beat till we’re dead and gone
Come on into the new dawn.
The next shit time to innovate detonate bombs
Come on into the new dawn.
Loud pitch, rip down the roof, bitch. Yo it’s on
Come on into the new dawn.

Don’t stop get it get it
I know my soldiers with it
The rhythm flowing through your veins
I know you love it, live it
Don’t stop get it get it,
Where’s all my HUMAN with it?
It’s time to rip this bitch apart
If you got fire set it

Keep that heat blasting
Let the speaker lash it
Vinyl drive-by
Vocab with attachments
Streets to the sticks,
We forward advancing
Any opposition I’ll burn through that plastic.

Y’all credit-card bastards, your counterfeit bills
I never had shit, had to build my own, for real.
And we keep the crowds hopping like they’re fucking hydraulics
The sound infiltrate you with the Dieseltronics.
From the warehouses, underground, worldwide blazing
It’s the H-U-M to the A-N that make that damn roof cave in.

You gonna fuck with the clique,
Off of the hip,
Off of the clip,
That’s how it gets
Messian, Barrier Break in the door and smash shit

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