‘Technimatic’ Lyrics

Technimatic – Hold On A While (feat. Jono McCleery)

I might not need the same Although the right it seems I can hold on a while Hold on a while You might not need a second version A way to fall down to earth There might not be enough devotion A place to feel free to roam I might not need the same Although […]

Technimatic – Better Perspective (feat. Jinadu)

Give me that solid place Where nothing seems the same Cover me with your grace I breathe in all the change Rescue me And lift me out up above the clouds Show me that secret place Where hidden love is found, yeah And you take me up And shake the dust off of my shape […]

Technimatic – Parallel (Ft. Zara Kershaw)

I’ve been wondering About words we left untold How things could have been To be watching them unfold Have you ever had the thought If I met you now instead of then We could watch it all play out From the very moment we shook hands Things are moving parallel With a different version of […]

Technimatic – Out of Reach (Ft. Lucy Kitchen)

We are all searching And I thought that I found you And sometimes we’re all hurting Just trying to see it through Sometimes you leave me aching Aching and confused And we are all hoping for love For love Don’t turn away from me I’m reaching out, I’m reaching out Just give yourself to me […]

Technimatic ft. Lucy Kitchen – Looking for Diversion

And I’ve been looking for Someone to rest my lonely head Wishing for your arms to rest my weariness on your chest Just keep me till the morning light And I’ve been wishing on a start away from you tonight Looking for diversion Won’t you keep me till the morning light Just keep me till […]

Technimatic – Vermillion ft. Jayma (Random Movement Remix)

You say I need to let it go And I say You do, too You know, That you’re the only one Who makes me Lose of control Everywhere I’m going you’re there Everywhere I’m going you’re around Yes You’re around Everywhere I’m going Everywhere I’m going you’re around Yes No matter what we do It […]

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