‘LSB’ Lyrics

LSB, DRS, Calibre – Faded

Don’t save me (Don’t save me) Forsake me (Forsake me) ‘Cause I’m faded Don’t save me (Don’t save me) Forsake me (Forsake me) ‘Cause I m faded We make ripples that are felt on Orion’s belt In the middle of a meltdown, try and help But I didn’t want to lie down, right work Weave […]

LSB ft Tyler Daley & DRS – Missing You

Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Take me in your arm, arm And have me believe its gonna last forever All that I know, you live, you learn to love If you are lucky enough And I’m thankful that you was I’m missing you Just another morning sun, I’m […]

DRS – The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley)

So long Since I had your here Why you so close What I need the most Sometime away from you The only thing that ever really changed Was the view Now I know I’ll never be the same Because of you It’s been a long long time since I had you here oh And now […]

BCee – River Runs Dry (feat. LSB & Rocky Nti)

Captain offshore The ship is sinking and I can’t swim Standing in awe Flags are waving This is it Tell me tell me tell the one you love Save me save me save me from the tide From within I am losing the battle I have to win the war I am losing the battle […]

LSB – Rolling Sideways

Intoxicate every time I hear your voice You got to be on a natural high Intoxicate every time I hear your voice Learn to be you’re always on my mind [x3]

LSB feat. Sian Sanderson – Overthinking

I keep it inside, The harder I try, the longer the fight. But I can’t, I can’t work it out – Give in to the doubt And face letting myself down. I can’t let my soul get too hard, I won’t watch my heart grow cold. After every time I’ve fallen I dust it off […]

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