‘London Elektricity’ Lyrics

London Elektricity – Will To Love

Don’t make me lose the will to love Just to satisfy your broken dreams This is obvious that enough’s enough Please don’t make me lose the will to love You can run away, just run away But it’s obvious you’re fake As any Valentine’s Day I don’t need no more of your Hollywood smile Sweet […]

London Elektricity – Remember The Future

I remember the future Like it was only yesterday Keep reminding myself to keep time Cause time can slip away And it waits for no man And it waits for no woman And it craves no war, turn back the clock Just like we were before I remember the future (x3) Don’t forget to look […]

London Elektricity – Outnumbered

We’re outnumbered, torn asunder. All the unsuspecting faces gaze up to the sky, loll out the red carpet, open your arms wide, line up with your welcome smiles, expectations guaranteed to fail, Safe to say they didn’t come in peace, What will you do now? The truth is slowly dawning, no more where or when […]

London Elektricity – Just One Second

The city’s beautiful In the early morning air Love the smell of sunrise And everything becomes so clear I think you are beautiful And you know it by one look Did you long for summertime When you were growing up And when it finally came It wasn’t ’round for long You ecstatically stumbled around One […]

London Elektricity – Round the corner

We dancing, spin around the corner come with me We dancing, look around the corner trusting me, you`r life is never be the same i`w broke up there is so bad just it not to we gonna find on the other side nononono i`wd toke my breath in Capsuset snipin to the under head walk […]

London Elektricity – The Will To Love

please don’t make me lose the will to love… you could run away just to run away but your ____ is as fake as any valentine’s day and i need no more of your hollywood smiles, sweet talk, cheap cars – it’s not my style baby sometimes i wonder what goes on inside your head […]

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