‘Jenna G’ Lyrics

Mutated Forms Ft. Jenna G – Last Time

I would’ve never let go [3x] Was the last time I looked into your eyes And I know goodbye As the waves rolled in And you kept me close Did you know? [2x] That it was the last time [2x] Did you know? I still feel it There’s a part of me inside That thinks […]

Chase & Status feat. Jenna G – In Love

Try to explain I know its complicated But I still have this feeling More serious than butterflies My inside’s so sore Finding it hard to let go Cause I’m still – I’m still in love I’m in Love Here we are again I know I shouldn’t give in But I crave the feeling Of you […]

Jenna G – You

I thought that this was love in the right place, But not the right timing That’s why I waited for you patiently, why I’m still here You promised if I wait that it would be just you and me That is the joke from which I need to get away from How could I be […]

Jenna G – Super Sounds

Way we do it Blast off Set em up Hit it hard Rinse out the session Push the system shit be coming like valve MC’s be chomping at the bit to get a grip on this Give it to em Right now Cause they dun know What we putting out This something special Striking metal […]

Jenna G – Pleasure Ride

Paint my rainbow all in red Take what’s left Stripe it through my head Lights, this night Come right from up above Soft glow, stones throw walk faster, cause its close sky printed eyes seeing clouds flying stained satin lights all in a circle flashing I’m dizzy like love Pleasure, so much a rush Last […]

Jenna G – Healing

Baby take it Oh take it easy now Don’t wanna’ break before you’ve grown Know it Feels like Life’s taking it out on you But you cannot give up Take your time Be like night wait for dawn Healing is right for the soul Take your time Rushing wont bring you joy Healing is right […]

Jenna G – For My Lost Friends

Funny how life goes and we take all with no warning, Its like one minute, Its alright Then suddenly everything’s upside down Situations change, Close becomes distant Oh how the difference Takes away, what was right Cant talk accept to fight Only seeing it from one side It was the right thing to walk away […]

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