‘DRS’ Lyrics

Kasra & Enei – Overthinking (feat. DRS)

Awkward demeanor, overthinking bleached dreamer Forget these actors I ain’t heard ’em on the beats either I’m a catalyst, I’ll get you out of your seat eager Prone to accidents, my mic evolved to meat cleaver My people party, mite involved a 3 weeker We push each other to go sicker and blow reefer Cadet […]

DRS – The Puppeteer (feat. Jubei)

It goes quick march left right left right left Come to attention Follow what the biggest mouth says If you really want to do it then it isn’t your fault Otherwise you get a back up plan when company halts Quick march left right left right left Come to attention Follow what the biggest mouth […]

DRS – The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley)

So long Since I had your here Why you so close What I need the most Sometime away from you The only thing that ever really changed Was the view Now I know I’ll never be the same Because of you It’s been a long long time since I had you here oh And now […]

Artificial Intelligence – War Horse (feat. MC DRS)

You can keep the small talk Dipping sounds fall short Pacing on your floorboards Licking down all sorts We don’t abide by the rules of your court Life’s like a raw sport Burning up your scoreboards Conning on these tom chords four shards left behind Wounded like a war horse Forever searching for the love […]

Enei – Obsession (feat. DRS)

Wait a minute allow that, pet nor powder Sound man crank it at the desk now louder, Sonic ambush while my words dem surround ya. Heavy artillery on every encounter!

MC DRS feat. Enei – Count To Ten

Low pressure rising, teeth start grinding, Attempting to count to 10, can’t keep timing. Boat race starts the screw, now no hiding, Sweat runnin’ down my brow, almost blinding. Part of me was reasoning, now can’t find him. Can’t control body now, walls I’m climbing. All I know’s I’m gonna to blow, don’t wanna eat […]

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