‘BCee’ Lyrics

BCee – Summery (feat. Philippa Hanna)

I’m living a lie Trying to please the way that lives on dollar signs I’ve been trying to find Something to feed the hunger burning in my mind Now all I want to do is start again I’d do anything to do this over Everybody needs a second chance to change their story And I […]

BCee – River Runs Dry (feat. LSB & Rocky Nti)

Captain offshore The ship is sinking and I can’t swim Standing in awe Flags are waving This is it Tell me tell me tell the one you love Save me save me save me from the tide From within I am losing the battle I have to win the war I am losing the battle […]

BCee – Firebox

Yellow curtains shining down on me Do you see what I see? Why am I not happy? [x2] Drops are getting in my shoes And laces none can take away my blues Are you only passing through? Or are you gonna love me? Love me [xX] All I see is this All I see is […]

BCee ft. Robert Owens – Keep The Faith

Change is coming It’s all just a matter of time Just a matter of time Sometimes we just might not see the way Sometimes we just might be confused Alone without the sign of a brighter day But you must believe A brighter day is coming It’s all just a matter of time It’s all […]

BCee ft. Darrison – So Right

If it seems too good to be true It usually is Nine times out of ten What a beautiful day I bet there’s a raincloud lurking Somewhere It feels so right it must be wrong It feels so right it must be It feels so right it must be wrong It feels so right trust […]

BCee feat. Ad-Apt – Heartache

I need a cure [?x] I need a cure for my heartache, for my heartache… I live a life It’s more than existance More than a four letter word Of resistance The distance is more Than I’m willing to accept So hard to ignore With the feeling of a jet Time reflects in the past […]

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