Breakbeat Era – Ultra-Obscene

I see you can you see I Paper thin made of neon Weekend come I gotta see you Take your time and consider Don’t be down I’ll make you better Got the back to the letter meet me down by the river Lay me down and pull the trigger Ultra obscene – ah – You […]

Breakbeat Era – Rancid

To the left, to the right Pressure gridlock eye on the prize On my knees finally The irony is you saying please If you sleep too long the fires go out You dare to dream and we have no doubt One ahead one behind It’s physical no cold fish apply Junk in your words don’t […]

Breakbeat Era – Bullitproof

Electrify me you my half baked youth I memorise your face so I won’t forget you Dancing demons in the firelight yes its true Remind me of the night I first met you Criticise me for my mis-spent youth No thrill no lie more crazy than the truth You give me precious things I throw […]

Blame – Visions Of Mars (feat. MC Conrad)

If the vision in your mind’s distorted Picture gets hazy, that must mean you’re lazy Music’s driving you mad, driving you crazy Concentration’s imperative to the matter We spread the data Bigger and better, badder and madder Exhibit a skill, structure a strategy Excite and enlight with the most dexterity But it’s gotta be me […]

Blame – 360 Clic (feat. MC Conrad)

360 clic makes you flip Side to side a whole new tip Walls of your mind it’s time they came down Open your soul to this new sound 360 clic makes you flip Ride the vibe of beats that kick Well equipped to drift your thoughts A new lesson we’re stressing Progression report 360 clic […]

Bios feat Eva Polna – Blue Angel

Поранена странным чувством, Не чувствуя вовсе боли, Иду я шагами грусти По капле теряя волю Шаги мои укрыты туманом Руки давно нежность не знают Голос сладко манит обманом Но маленькой птичкой душа замерзает Сердце на тропу выходит Одиноким волком бродит Я голубой ангел грусти Куда себя деть не знаю Любовь к себе не пустит А […]

Big Bud – Buds

wait… wait… we’ve got a message from Bud! Bud? what’s it say? Big … Big … Big Bud … Big good Bud … Bud’s Big … Big Bud … Big good … good Big Bud’s good … I don’t know what to make of it!

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