Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (AK 1200 Remix)

Stay with me just for today, Let your soul come and rest for a minute now, Share your mind if you have some time, I would love to sit and talk to you. I will wait if you ask me to but I won’t stay here forever now. I know your heart could keep me […]

Capone – Tudor Rose

Arise, black vengeance, from the hollow cell! Yield up Oh love thy crown and hearted throne To tyrannous hate! Now, by yond marble heaven, In the due reverence of a sacred vow, I here engage my words. Tudor rose

Calibre – It’s Over

We Both Know What We Had Is Gone That Its Over Oh O-oh We Both Know What We Had Is Gone Playing On My Mind This Time We Both Know That Its Over There You Go Again

Calibre & Mc Fats – Drop It Down

I rock the old, I rock the young, I rock the weak, I rock the strong. Jump up and down, love me some more, I don’t know, never do you no wrong. Drop it Down! I rock the old, I rock the young, I rock the weak, I rock the strong. Jump up and down, […]

Breakbeat Era – Ultra-Obscene

I see you can you see I Paper thin made of neon Weekend come I gotta see you Take your time and consider Don’t be down I’ll make you better Got the back to the letter meet me down by the river Lay me down and pull the trigger Ultra obscene – ah – You […]

Breakbeat Era – Rancid

To the left, to the right Pressure gridlock eye on the prize On my knees finally The irony is you saying please If you sleep too long the fires go out You dare to dream and we have no doubt One ahead one behind It’s physical no cold fish apply Junk in your words don’t […]

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