Tali – Airport Lounge Lyrics

Just another day in an airport lounge.
Just another hour watching planes touch down.
Packed into a colony, like a piece of cargo,
Bought a couple of seats from LA to Chicago.

And now I’m counting down the hours,
Feeling insane.
But it’s okay, I’m on my way
To see your face again.

Knowing there is distance between us,
But I still come back to you.
Now and then I’m using Visas,
But I still come back to you.

Now and then one of us must leave this, but I
Still come back to your love.

Find an iridescent,
Each cloud from way up here.
The coastline and it’s waves below,
Terrifically white and clear;

Each detail of the city,
Each sight and every sound.
I’m wondering if you’ll be there
To see my plane touch down.

Customs, immigration,occupation, declaration,
I’ve got my Visa, I still see your grandma bagging into town.
It’s good to be returning, I’ve been gone a little while,
Each second closer to be seeing your smile.

Baby, don’t you know you’re on my mind?
You’re on my mind. [x2]

Sixteen years on the key, still at my fingertips.
Vocals left and right, I let the knowledge leave my lips.
Chilling at 16,000 feet I’ve got a rush to fill the page.
Order some more Asbolut and take a rain check on my stage.

Pick, write and ready to go. I’m bugging still.
24 hours and 6 months to get from Anset to Bristol
And there’s you there, you’re in my life, and where it goes
From here we’ll see because nobody knows.

We’ve got years ahead of us to plan,
An itinerary with me, your lady and you, my man.
Situations may keep us apart, yes it’s true,
But I will always be thinking of you.

Always be thinking of
Everything we did, everything you say,
Every night and everyday

Everything you doing, everything you say,
Every night and everyday


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