Suv feat Tali - Do You Remember Me? Lyrics

do you remember
when i first laid eyes on you
i didn’t know where to put myself
didn’t know what to do
i’ve had u in such hurry, god!
never thought u’d look twice at me
i don’t think u realize
just what those green eyes
and long lashes do to me

ever since i saw you
i’ve been going out my mind
whenever i’m around you
the words are hard to find
why don’t you ask me to dance
i want to play your game
i feel like this is only me,
why don’t you feel the same ?

do you remember me ?
said do you remember me ?

i like to watch you from a distance
i see you through the crowd
i wanna whisper in you ear
but the dj’s playing too loud
if i could just describe to you
that you mean so much
if i can’t say it with my words
i’d say it with a touch

do you remember me? do you remember me ?
said, do you remember me ?

i wish that u’d come over
and be my Casanova
i wish that you would notice me
i’m waiting for your love

said i’m waiting for your love

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