Photek - Love & War

I do my best to smile when he’s not around
When will they come back home, will they be the same?

These are the things that I think about

I never called on you before
There’s one thing I got to know:

Sometimes took this life for granted,
Never called you by your name,
Always tried to live right by you,
Could I be the one to blame?

Of all the things you could take from me,
That’s just too much pain to bear,
Trading on my life’s ambitions,
Grant me please this one last prayer.

Begging, please god give him shelter,
When the rain begins to fall,
Shine your light on him for guidance,
When his back’s against the wall.

I will feel the fire burning,
See, I’m in the darkest night,
Almost taste the air he’s breathing,
Hear the whispers of his thoughts.

Never had time for religions,
Always made my own decisions,
Never cared for reasons why,
Here’s my means, I justify.

Are you gonna (?) can’t stop waiting
Come and stop this pain I’m hating,
Never thought this time would come,
Things were left unsaid and done.

I just wanna be with you,
My heart won’t beat again
If our eyes can’t meet again
This just can’t be the end (x2)

I don’t need your news debriefing
They don’t give me no relieving
I don’t need your love reports
Nothing’s fair in love and war

Making drama out of crisis
Human lives have market prices
Should I care what’s right or wrong
If he never comes back home

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