Modual - Hours Lyrics

Another grain of sand in the hourglass, and this time won’t set me free.
Sleepless in the dead of night when my train of thought’s no addressee.
So-o tired drawing circles around myself underneath this ?????
How can you say the stars come out at night when these flowers never bloom?

Feel this rain turn into stones sinking further down into my soul.
Lost my way so long ago, now I’m holdin’ on to this last of home.

I was passing by; my heart beats faster with every waking second now.
With the haze comes the fever, want to escape it, yeah, but I don’t know how.
I’m so-o tired, but I made this no-man’s-land my second home.
How can you sleep when all your demons won’t just let you go?

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Modual – Hours
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Track Full Info

Genre: Liquid Funk
First time released:
Label: Loodma Recordings
Date: 2010-12-08
Catalog: LOODMA0002
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