MC DRS feat. Enei - Count To Ten Lyrics

Low pressure rising, teeth start grinding,
Attempting to count to 10, can’t keep timing.
Boat race starts the screw, now no hiding,
Sweat runnin’ down my brow, almost blinding.

Part of me was reasoning, now can’t find him.
Can’t control body now, walls I’m climbing.
All I know’s I’m gonna to blow, don’t wanna eat flux
Best just get out my face, I’m about to be react.

No, I won’t calm down, you’re the one who got me fixed,
Wanted like a madman, taught me out of context.
Don’t try apologies, I not gonna redetect.
Push me past the red line, too far my patients rest.
Pacing like I’m possessed, tensed up with fists clenched,
Calmness was here before, no idea where we went.
My aura just breathes fire, energy that’s misspent.
Kickin’ and punchin’ walls, floating my descent.

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MC DRS feat. Enei – Count To Ten
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Artists: ,
Genre: Drum and Bass
First time released:
Label: Soul:r
Date: 2012-08-27
Catalog: SOULR55
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