Machine Code - Under The Sun Lyrics

Wake up! [9x]

The planet is full of wonders
There are several hundred thousand different species of plants, and
At least a million if not five million species of animals
But we hear they’re in danger
Danger of a mass extinction
Perhaps, an extinction that will take half of them away from us

So what? [2x]
Let me tell you more if I can
It’s not because I value the ecological services provided by those species

The pollination services of the many native bee species
Or the water treatment services of our wetlands
Someday maybe we can get all those ecological services
From far newer species
But if we couldn’t, who’s to say that
An enterprising engineering firm couldn’t replace all those services?

Wake up! Are you willing to let those species go? [2x]
Why not?

Wake up!

Balances have lost a lot of area
And they continue to do so
They losing to us
To Homo sapiens
The greatest, and most adaptable competitor species
That the Earth has ever seen
Wake up!

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