Kwabs – Walk (Nu:Tone Remix) Lyrics

Hundred headlights, making me blind
All of your pleasures catching my eye
If I jump once then I never think twice
But your temptations making me stay another night
And my sense only lie to me, lie to me
I don’t know how I feel so raw to me, raw to me
I gotta shut myself, before I get what I want
Find out it’s not what I thought it was

Tell myself leave, while I’m still strong
Going on back till I’m 10 miles gone
And when the road stops I’m gonna keep going
Until I end up in the place that I belong
But the question’s pushing me back again
Feeling enough with the ten
There’s no use even trying to get you out my head
So I lift my feet off the ground
And I’m gonna walk right up

I gotta slow up, gotta shake this high
Gotta take a minute just to ease my mind
Cause if I don’t WALK then I get caught out
And I’ll be falling all the way down
Turn my head and shut my eyes
Doesn’t even matter if I’m wrong or right
Because if I don’t walk I’ll keep myself around
And I’ll be falling all the way down

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