Krust - Proof (B-Bwoy Mix) Lyrics

If it were danger(?) me
not sure how we meet in deed
if you take me seriously
the risk would mean your offended

its just i’ve learned tooo fake it
it’s all been a coverup
cos if they know then they will take him from me

They like it when i’m explosive
its their way of exposing me
they like it when i’m unruly
their excuse to exclude me
dont like it when i’m needed
but when i speak the truth
anything remotely human
they call me they say its true

They cant except
they wont except
they cant except that that truth

Just keeps on strucking
thinks we never change
i’m this type who …. walking
i think i sense the end
my cries for help go ignored
i dont know how they see me
its all been a coverup
cos they know they’ll take it from me
you’ve lived your life like a wind baloon
so everythings s’over
you finally find you cant choose……..

Anything remotely human
they cant acept as proof
anything remotely human
they cant acept as proof

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