Jubei feat. SP:MC – State Of The Art Lyrics

Represent one ten percent and no less.
Three sixty five til we die with no rest (yeah),
Check the flex, can’t reset the trend,
Always fresh to death, can’t eff with the heads,

Since Scotty dropped drums we’ve been blazing a path,
Seen twenty years passed, still making a mark,
Keep it true to the roots, still state of the art,
This is real music, coming straight from the heart.

You don’t wanna clash heads fall back you can’t step to this,
Recognise the history and respect the heritage,
Metalheadz setting it, that’s who you’re messing with,
Concrete beats still smash through the premises

I recommend you run for cover when the beats drop,
Ten tonne of sub its gonna hit you like a breezeblock,
We’ll hold the heavyweight crown, still legendary,
Leave you six feet down, sound, dead and buried


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Track Full Info

Artists: ,
Genre: Drum and Bass
First time released:
Label: Metalheadz
Date: 2013-10-27
Catalog: METACD001
Added by: Leeman

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