Jenna G - Super Sounds

Way we do it
Blast off
Set em up
Hit it hard
Rinse out the session
Push the system shit be coming like valve
MC’s be chomping at the bit to get a grip on this
Give it to em
Right now
Cause they dun know
What we putting out
This something special
Striking metal making noise where ya are
Shot like tequila slam it from the DJ straight to the bar

Super sounds
Coming like super the man
Dropping the proper dan
Big bang spin it dizzy we the
Super sound
All we drop is original
Hottest we get them loud saying
super gimmie gimmie

Super sound, Don’t stop
Super sound, Gimme gimmie,
Don’t stop

Write it on a
brick wall
Spray it silver
Let it show
We be the sum of that 1xtra special quality
Different from the rest so they don’t tess or even bother we
We give a lil’
You take it all

Start the repercussions
People be wanting more
So turn it up
Let the sound shake out peoples cavities
Don’t forget to shout it out… yeah make some for the dj please

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