Jenna G - Don't Bury Me

Don’t bury me deep under ground son
Don’t cast me out to sea
Scatter me up in the south wind blowing
Let every where be where I be
I’ll be around each corner
Above, alongside and beneath
Wont miss me cause I’m still right here (listen)
Yeah the world carries me,
Carries me on

Yeah the world carries me
Carries me on
I’ll be right here, listen

Just leave me high up on a mountain
Where elements break me down
I want to return to where I came from
And nourish the seeds that I’ve sown
This way I am always closer
I’m standing right by your side
Everywhere your gonna be baby
Oh the world still carries me
Carries me on

Carry on just
Like the sun sets then its dawn
I’ll keep coming
Up in conversation
Feels like I’m there
But its vacant, my place
Still my soul carries, my soul carries
I’ll be, always,
There just like the starlight
Sweep through, your dreams
Every time you feel like
My soul carries,
The world carries me on

Carry on (in high harmony just repeating till drop)
Carry on just
Like the river I flow
Over mountains then into the ocean
Ain’t lost I’m here
You just cant see my face
Still my soul carries, my soul carries
I’ll be always
There just like the sunrise
Can’t forget me
Cause morning will remind
You know my soul carries

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Jenna G – Don’t Bury Me
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