Jenna G - Cry Solitude

I’m all alone
I’m on a lonely road
It takes it toll
It’s taking the most of me
Cant move no way
where would I go from here
stuck in between
pressure is all I feel
Games played
Words said
There’s nothing here, there’s nothing left,
There’s Nothing but, my feelings wasted

Cry solitaire
All black but no red
Cry solitaire
All black and no red

I cry
All black
And no red
All black
no red

What I don’t know
I’m realizing now
Builds like a wall
That stops me from getting out
I can’t go on
But I’ve still got to play
My line is drawn
I can’t go back to it
This house of cards
Delicate the structure
whispers would blow it down, be nothing left for me
My world would fall, If I dared to utter
How I feel, I feel

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