Hidden & Slacknote - Where's The Score Lyrics

-Where have you been?
Where the hell do you think I’ve been, Marion?
-Where’s the score?
Well, got a little bit of a problem, see
I mean everything was going good, and then some dumb-arse junkie
-Did what? Some dumb-arse junkie did what? You mean, you fucked it up?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
-You promised me that everything was gonna be okay, remember? I fucked that sleaze-bag for you, then I put myself through fucking hell for you?
There’s nothing out there!
-I don’t give a shit! You fucking loser!

Wanna be sure we have some extra stuff?
Ty told me about a guy who’s holding some weight, but he ain’t selling it!

-Yeah, Ty give me that guy’s number
What guy?
-Yeah, the guy who likes broads
-Just give me the fucking number for Christ’s sake!
All right, all right, 934 87 77

You worried so god-damn much, here go fix yourself up with him!
You won’t have to fucking wait around so much, and I won’t have to freeze my ass off on the fucking streets!

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