Shapeshifter – Her

I want to wake up without the need to fight Lend me your hand, your voice, if only we had a choice If only we took a stand Live without the borders It’s only around the bend Lumination taught us It’s all in our sights again When I’m with you I’m flying high My head’s […]

Shapeshifter – Stars

We were like shooting stars, we went up in flame If I never had this heart, I wouldn’t feel this way Some say we went too far, they don’t understand our game If you were to take my hand, I wouldn’t change a thing And for the first time it felt like the world was […]

InsideInfo – Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble)

Clandestine, Sistine chapel on your sixteenth Day on earth, mysteries, raise the call to unearth Deities, crown court, the mechanism treadmill On the systematic, draining your lymphatic Energies, creation from the navel to the cranium Calcified, praying for roots and stop the shooting The looting is part of our commuting Daylight robbery cause to ignite […]

Context – Listening to Burial (Ft. Slof Man) (Cinematic Remix)

So now the raving’s done, and its getting light The sun’s mocking me, on the night calling time ? done The cold wind will make my sweat freeze I’m coming down like an autumnal leaf ? breathe I spy a stray suit on his commute His day’s just started, routine in permute, Still, intoxication is […]

Legion & Logam – Holding On (feat. Micah Freeman)

In time I’ll be coming back around Tell me who are you, yeah To stop me, oh, from leaving right now, oh You just keep holding on You just keep holding on All words you said, I’m finding traces They echo in my head I can’t recall the tune my heart would sing So here’s […]

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