Degs – Poveglia (feat. De:Tune)

[Verse 1] Try listening to my friends They told me “Bro, it ain’t worth it You know how these things turn out in the end” But baby, I can’t pretend It’s all my fault, I’m returning It ain’t so easy just to knock it on the head [Chorus] When I’m feeling like I’m falling into […]

Keeno – I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison)

Two souls skim together You’re the [?] I wanna [?] So much space inbetween the winds have?changed?us Now all I?see is pain in your eyes You?set the sail to new courses (I wonder) if the night had been another way Would I be the person here today? I guess I’m really glad you didn’t stay […]

Black Sun Empire feat. Sarah Hezen – I Saw You

You didn’t talk You didn’t need to The livings were already quiet I saw you Through a glass darkly Let my heart sink in A deepest river And the sky has never felt so bright As white as paper I could write your name on it I feel the fever Spreading silver through my veins […]

Dimension – Beg & Borrow

Do you know What it is that you want? I know what I want Yeah, that’s right Do you understand? Listen I want this, I want that, I want it all Don’t try me before I break your bones I don’t care if you steal or beg or borrow Give it me now, I’m not […]

Dimension – Generator

These days, they get older And the darkness turns to blue Yeah, I will be the one you keep When I come back to you So generate the real In everything you do Yeah, I will be the one you keep When I come back to you (Welcome to the next level) Just take me, […]

Fre4knc – This Misery (feat. Mongoose)

I’m walking through a misery this mystery is killing me. The feeling I’m recieving, looks to be decieving. Believers see that thing we call a deathtrap, so step back. The system is infected with a plan that; Eliminates the way that you are used to kick your feet back. So many ways to see that […]

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