Klax feat. Charli Brix – Become

Hold on, it’s time My mind Been wanting Got me losing it I can feel the walls are closin’ in We can take it to the light All the night Take it back and just rewind Do it right Pushing me too much All I need from you, it’s Patience (Pushing me too much) How […]

Keeno feat. Kate Wild – Behind The Glass

There’s no need to run and hide It’ll eat you up Spit you out alive It’s a waste of time ‘trynna fight it You spent half your life, half-surviving Oh I’ve seen behind the cloud Every one a silver lining Cause the feeling never last Just like momentary lightning It’ll come and go So if […]

Facing Jinx feat Lavahi – Rest Assured

Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing eh Nothing Tell us how the thought of me Change to random things The question is this I admit it’s happening Just to tell me this Show me how red turns to brown How callus how it turns to brown How is […]

Seba, Paradox, Robert Manos – Because

Ye-ah ye-ah Wa-oh oh oh Ye-ah ye-ah Wa-oh oh oh Ye-ah ye-ah (because you would be there) Wa-oh oh oh Would you be there? Wa-oh oh oh Whatever you bring Whatever I brought to this table Don’t clean me out (Watch this) Steal everything And run you out (yeah) Even know I bought you a […]

Break feat. Celestine – Last Goodbye

I was waiting for something I didn’t figure it out Till I couldn’t remember What this was all about Now this ain’t easy To recognize defeat We pass by day and night Our hearts don’t meet I’m tired of the lonely path I’m walking but leadin’ to no reason Searching for your heart but I […]

Bop, Subwave & Degs – The Shade

Modern day but feeling different In recent years there’s a familiar scent Back in school man I was used to it, yeah Nothing defined me but the shade of my skin Not the content of my soul Ostracised and put aside I never had control 10 years on the clock but questioning what I’d been […]

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