Fre4knc - This Misery (feat. Mongoose) Lyrics

I’m walking through a misery this mystery is killing me.
The feeling I’m recieving, looks to be decieving.
Believers see that thing we call a deathtrap, so step back.
The system is infected with a plan that;
Eliminates the way that you are used to kick your feet back.
So many ways to see that this is nothing but a mad man’s, world.
And you will come along for the third world order,
You got to command to what they order.
And you got to be mad enough to work for. Truth and honesy,
It’s a no go. In slo-mo, it shows that all you hoes went for mo’ dough.
No hope, is what I see when you believe in TV, the government is enemy.

Felony’s are meant to be broken. Everything is relevant, the enemy hopes for.
Death and progression, can’t get closer. Everything is hopeless, man kind is broken.

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Fre4knc – This Misery (feat. Mongoose)
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Track Full Info

Genre: Drum and Bass, Neurofunk
First time released:
Label: Critical Music
Date: 2015-09-25
Catalog: CRITSYS002
Added by: Unknown

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