Dub Phizix & MC Skittles - I'm a Creator Lyrics

Phizic, Skitty, Shadow
I’m in
I’m a creator

I’m I’m I’m I’m

I’m a creator,
Look at the rate I make I’m a maker, I bought
A house and a lake and an acre, That’s why
yYu’re up all night like my neighbor,
I be like

Don’t give up your day job, you’re just
Black not from Jamaica. Tell me,
What more could be faker, kinda like
Trading your zoot for vapor. You sound like

Salaam Alaikum, see you later alligator,
Your flows more mixed raced than the sacred acres,
The space that they’re fighting a war for over in Asia.

You should approach a major,
They say that’s musical euthanasia when you do what
Pays. I could do what you do for days if I
Had some time to waste because you’s a waste, stop.


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Dub Phizix & MC Skittles – I’m a Creator
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Genre: Drum and Bass
First time released:
Label: Exit
Date: 2013-01-28
Catalog: EXIT043
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