Dieselboy - Warning Label Lyrics

Hello user
This is a heavy dose of hard hitting
Maximum strength Substance D
Substance D is an extended release
Audio pharmaceutical product that acts quickly
That stimulates both central and peripheral nervous systems
You may begin to feel anxious or excited
As you proceed the effects of the Substance D
This is a normal response
Substance D provides an intense experience for the user
With a sharp increase of both psychological and neurological activity
Prolonged use and exposure to substance D, can be quite dangerous
Especially to individuals that are sensitive, or weak
Or That have a history of psychiatric disorder
Common reported side effects of Substance D
Includes pupil dilation, dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid spite and blood pressure, cardiac strength, euphoria, fever and insomnia
High dose administration can cause adverse reactions, such as panic, paranoia, hallucinations, moderate to severe brain damage, psychotic break
And in extreme cases; a fatal event

So now, it is time user, are you ready?
Take a deep, deep breathe
And open your mind
Substance D begins .. now

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Dieselboy – Warning Label
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