Blame - Visions Of Mars Lyrics

If the vision in your mind’s distorted
Picture gets hazy, that must mean you’re lazy
Music’s driving you mad, driving you crazy
Concentration’s imperative to the matter
We spread the data
Bigger and better, badder and madder
Exhibit a skill, structure a strategy
Excite and enlight with the most dexterity
But it’s gotta be me to feel the mood
Personal sound to soothe, followed by multitudes
As I rip into the rhyme like a rebel without a pause
Mic in my claws and my jaws pours metaphors
He gets melodic, I get poetic
Fantasy and reality causing kinetic uproar
So I say once more
Unleash, let it kick through the door
Vicious is the sight, but deepness is the beauty
And what you once feared now makes you free

We got you drifting in the times of technology
With the plan and the strategy
Our visions making your mind free

Well logical is our progression
Irregular time slides for new dimensional
Thought extensions, you’re in contention
Of receiving music to alter your solar system
Your whole existence
Gets the meaning that we’re revealing
On an unsuspecting planet, first we plan our strategy
Fuelled by technology, can’t be labelled by category
Changing and rearranging the space continuum
High wingin’ em
Recycle your thought patterns like aluminium
The minimum requirements are that you listen
To these sounds that are constant, to be different
We be persistent
Distant constellations brought in line with our universe
Always moving forward, never shift to reverse
Expansions running high as we reach the point
Exceed the apex direct, ain’t got time to disappoint
Only amaze the majority future music mythology
Legends to be, prophecies extraordinary
According to me flows distinctive
Like chains we link it
Our styles together as one unsimplistic
So get a grip quick, drop a gear to warp drive
Reciting these incantations, bodies synchronise like time

Got you drifting through the mystics like cyanide
Visions of Mars invading my mind

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Genre: Atmospheric
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Label: Good Looking
Catalog: GLRV01DV
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Blame – Visions Of Mars (feat. MC Conrad)

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