Ben Sage - All About You Lyrics

When we first met, stole my heart away
Your love was incredible, wonderful
Then you began to change
You used to make me feel special
Now all you do is make me cry
Gave you my everything (deeply?)
But all you gave me was lies

Lies (repeat several times)


I, I tried to be the one for you, baby
You, you never was enough in what I do, do
That’s why I’m leaving
Cuz it’s all about you and not about me

When we get in a fight
I’m always the first to apologize
Even if it was you did wrong
I never do enough to please you
That’s why I can’t go on
No matter what I do for you
It’s never good enough for you
You always gotta complain
That’s why I gotta say
I can’t stay

Repeat Chorus

??? (indecipherable lyric, sounds somewhat like “speak about”)

Anything you want from me
Never gonna stand by me
Treat me bad and you so good
Begging me to come back to you
Baby you gave all my love
Why have I not enough
Turn around ???
??? asking what I lost (or one of us?)

What I lost (or One of us?) (repeat several times)

Repeat Chorus

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