Axis - Euphony Lyrics

Drifting in time on the drum and bass airline
Check the fatness and the freshness
Vibe is live and direct express
As we move on as we progress
To increase the pleasure, ease the stress
Check the fatness and the freshness
Vibe is live direct and express
Sounds so deep I must confess
Sound of past, present and future and what you hear is not a test
Ooh yes!!

Verse 1
Check the fatness and the freshness
Vibe is live direct and express
As we enter as we bring you
Sophisticated sounds of a musical breakthrough
The appliance of the science never been so strong
So as we move on as we move
On a hypo, psycho
For your delight though
Speakers booming, better move
Or it might blow
(As…as…as)… as we set speed
As we drift to the centre
Move cos you ought ta…
I think you’re meant ta…
Give it all physical, logical, mystical
(Con…con)… concept is deep… And it is spiritual
As we roll out, that m… makes you react
Needles in the groove
It hits the point exact. That’s a fact
You love it like that
You get it like that
You want it like that
We’re spreading it wide… And keeping it fat!!

Fill 2

As we take it to the maxi
Take it… Take it to the max
Keeping it nice and tight
And we… And we cut the slack
(Bidi)… Beats go forward
(Bidi…bbbb)… beats go back
And it’s making you just get hyper
Just like a heart attack

Fill 3

(Anan)… as we’re rising, as we’re dipping
While this sound looping, this beats skipping
Inside your mind you’re flipping
Damn!! You’re tripping
Cos inside your soul it keeps ripping up!!
The sound of now, sound of euphony
In full session, in full swing
Sound of the real thing
As your soul start to dance, you’re in a trance
Sensations we provide cause you to expanse
As we shake your body and we shake the room
While these bidi bidi beats they bang! Bang! Bang!
These beats they boom!!

Fill 4

Setting the speed, setting the pace
We got the mystic tonic, you want it
You better come get a taste
Cos we’re giving you what you like
And you like bass
Sound of logical mystics on your case
Got you riding high on the airline of drum and bass

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Track Full Info

Artists: ,
Genre: Drumfunk
First time released:
Label: Good Looking
Date: 03-2001
Catalog: GLRCD001X
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great vocal tune from Logical Progression Level 1

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