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Wilkinson ft. Karen Harding – Sweet Lies

Softly. Here upon my pillow When the words are spoken And you’re here with me alone Your kiss. Ignorance is my bliss When promises are empty When they’re all I have to hold (sweet lies) So tell me your sweet lies. I’m not giving up your love. As long as there’s sweet lies. I wanna […]

Wilkinson – Flatline (feat. Wretch 32)

[Chorus: Talay Riley] Flatlines every time We go wild, yeah, everybody clear? Flatlines every time We go wild, yeah, everybody clear? [Verse 1: Wretch 32] 78,000 screaming sounds like a horror film It’s just me and my mic, now this cannot be real I missed education, I was listening to Lauryn Hill Every verse magic, […]

Wilkinson – Half Light (feat. Tom Cane)

This is our time They go fearless shine As the dawn brings The world wakes Catch you in my eye Nothing can touch Where we’ve been tonight As the sun moves to cross you Standing in our half light In the half light We go home What we feel tonight In the half light We […]

Wilkinson feat. Talay Riley – Dirty Love

Drop that dirty love Drop that dirty love Drop that dirty love I just can’t get enough Begging for the bassline Dancing till it’s daytime Heard it through the grapevine We want it now Come a little closer Maximum exposure Like a rollercoaster About to go down

Ed Sheeran – Sing (Wilkinson Remix)

This love is a blaze I saw flames from the side of the stage And the fire brigade comes in a couple of days Until then we got nothing to say and nothing to know But something to drink and maybe something to smoke Let it go until our roads’ll change Singing we found love […]

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