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Phantasy, Shodan & UK Apache – Gimme Da Gal

Gimme de gal Dis is UK Apache and de Original Nuttah I wanna see a broke wine Wicked! Let me see de lighter! I wanna see a broke wine Gimme de gal, wit de wickedest wine, Gimme de gal who can wine all the time. Gimme de gal wit de ?????, Comin’ de place, I […]

Shy FX And Uk Apache – Original nuttah

One day… one day some of the kids in the neighborhood Carried my mother’s groceries all the way home. You know why? It was out of respect New name, mon: The Original Nuttah Take heed and take check UK Apache along di Shy FX And when we come it’s murderation! All original gangsta man, hear […]

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