‘Shy Fx’ Lyrics

Ms Dynamite & Shy FX – Cloud 9

You get me high high high so I don’t, I don’t wanna come down [x2] So I got you after all this time baby I go down I kind I’m old because I keep running out No no no no You got it with the make me feel, make me fly make me fall You […]

Klangkarussell – Netzwork (Shy FX & Mark System Remix)

I look up to the sky above Full of sweet release From the days that I waste Trying to fight for space Well I know what my heart believes I won’t run when the storm clouds come I won’t turn away Cause if your eye’s on the ground When the night comes down You only […]

Shy FX feat Topcat – Everyday

Everyday when me get up is a gunshot, When u hear the shot a bust u better get flat, Everyday when me get up is a gunshot, When u hear gunshot a bust u better get flat, Inner City youth them a try to live cool, Just to make a hustle sometimes break the rule, […]

Shy FX feat. Di & Kat Francois – Don’t Rush

He is so fine; every time I view him I can’t help but fantasize as I almost turn blind So muscular I imagine him lifting me effortlessly, a voice so deep and resonating He could say anything and I would stop immediately and do what ever he has commanded Musky and sweet smelling broody I […]

Shy FX feat. Di – Shake Your Body

I see you standing on the corner of the dance floor, and the way you look is oh so fine. But there a problem ’cause that isn’t what you came for, you ain’t gonna get away tonight So I’m gonna be the one to step to you, get you in the mood to dance all […]

Shy FX & T Power – Unavailable

For a minute, I thought We could be togheter, maybe forever You came into my life Now I regret the day that we met And I’m not gonna pretend It’s ok to go from lovers to friends and back again I will not stay in this state of mind So hear me when I say […]

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