‘Shapeshifter’ Lyrics

Shapeshifter – Lifetime

It’s only taken us our lifetime To get right here, right now We’ve already wasted far too much time We got to make up for what we missed They’ve already delayed most of our our day Too funny, all the games they play We’ve already wasted far too much time Got to make up for […]

Shapeshifter – Move With Me

Here I am, take my hand Lead me to the promised land I’ll take you there if you’re ready Dance with me in the summer fields Groove with me, you’ve got the deal You can’t hide, disguise is futile [Chorus] You make me see summer is ready You make me feel complete Take me to […]

Shapeshifter – Sleepless

It’s early in the morning And I’m a million miles from sleep I’m just sitting on this old bed, Where are love was used to keep Got me thinking And I’ve been thinking Where was it that we went wrong Thought our love was safe and strong And then things happened, And the distance is […]

Shapeshifter – In The Rain

We can’t fight it hold on to it if we want it We can ignite it never let go and hope we got it We can be whatever we want if you want it and I hope that you want it We will hide it never tell no one we remain silent Because you know […]

Shapeshifter – Monarch

I need you To see through And open up my eyes So that I may move a mountain Or cross the sea, Upon the morning light I knew you, Would breathe through And help my wings to fly Even when the darkest night falls, Come lie with me Upon the burning sky Colour of my […]

Shapeshifter – Bring Change

You know the time and place is right, Best to leave all adversity behind Can’t let that hold us back this time You got to change We got to change So if we open up our mind And we see that everything exists inside Maybe we’ll overcome the fight We got to change You got […]

Shapeshifter – The Touch

What is it? It’s the undefinable, something What is it? It’s in every one of us, waiting What is it? It’s the undefineable, undeniable What is it? It’s in every one of us, waiting You can call it what you will The touch You can call it what you will The touch [2x] It’s the […]

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