‘Shapeshifter’ Lyrics

Shapeshifter – Her

I want to wake up without the need to fight Lend me your hand, your voice, if only we had a choice If only we took a stand Live without the borders It’s only around the bend Lumination taught us It’s all in our sights again When I’m with you I’m flying high My head’s […]

Shapeshifter – Stars

We were like shooting stars, we went up in flame If I never had this heart, I wouldn’t feel this way Some say we went too far, they don’t understand our game If you were to take my hand, I wouldn’t change a thing And for the first time it felt like the world was […]

Shapeshifter – Stryka

You got to strike while the iron is hot So blaze a little more fire You got to rule while the rhythm is hot So blaze up some fire You got to strike while the iron is hot So blaze a little more fire You got to rule while the rhythm is hot So blaze […]

Shapeshifter – Voyager

From the first endeavor to the present day We look to the same stars navigating the way Lead us through the passage, we can bound to set sail We went from the signal and we went to prevail We may not be plenty, we’re well and truly ready Our aim is steady and we’re ready […]

Shapeshifter & The Upbeats – Bloodstream

Got this lightning pulsing through my veins Every single fine bone woven in the body eats away Take the rest of my days to help me find the way I would gladly lay down the flame No complaints I been feeling woe deep inside me When the storm comes soon to galvanize me I’m calling […]

Shapeshifter – Arcadia

Eyes clashing Teeth gnashing I know that Hand first into the den Eyes clashing Teeth gnashing We’ve passed the point of turning back Turning back It’s like a tight rope walking on a razor edge The pitch the tension it’s all located around the neck I’ll looks a lot to give Cos she’s a massacre […]

Shapeshifter – Endless

Toss and turn it up till dawn, still can’t rest my head can’t rest my head Patiently I wait for sleep, but like a knife cant cut me now Turn this night right upside down my world is at an end I made amends If you took care right then all day you will get […]

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